Tablet Classroom Management Software (Android and Windows)

Smart Class for Tablet

Radix SmartClass Provide Tablet classroom management software for Android and Windows tablets and PC with educational tablet provide learning solution to classroom. A Smart question was asked by a person in an educational seminar few months ago. Why Smartclass is supposed to be a complicated technology, why it is not executable on pre existing equipment in a class? Question is right, the technology is so advanced these days that if we have to implement the new age technology in the classrooms we can execute it by using the existing equipment from today’s world. Radix have created the m-learning project keeping in mind the same vision, that is why from 11 years we are providing advanced technology executable on basic computers and devices.

The new venture of Radix technologies based upon the same vision, no hefty equipment required and its very easy to use. It works on any Tablets, smartphones, PCs, Laptops and netbooks. As it does not need any special equipment that is why it costs 1/10th of the cheapest smartclass solution available in the market. Radix Smartclass has proven results in better understanding of the students, better classroom management and better grades. According to few educational institutes, Radix has changed the way of teaching by giving the full control of the classroom in Teacher’s hand. While teacher is in the class, students stay on task and teacher is able to monitor and control every thing from his device.

Radix SmartClass Tablet Classroom Management Software for tablets
The mobile version of SmartClass was designed for simplicity and usability in m-Learning. Without requiring special hardware, server setup or even internet access; any teacher anywhere can effectively manage a virtual or tablet based classroom: All in the palm of their hand – from one, entirely cable-free application.

Tablet Classroom Management Software Key features allow m-Learning educators to keep a finger on the pulse in a mobile learning environment – enhancing teacher/student communication and access to resources.

Tablet classroom Management Software

Tablet Classroom Management Software

Radix SmartClass transforms student Android and/or Windows tablets into a rich 21st century learning environment. Students can easily connect to the classroom Wi-Fi network, while the teacher stays in control, using his own mobile device to freely move around the
classroom and coordinate student activities (without requiring extra hardware or third party applications).

SmartClass facilitates dynamic learning with full teacher/student collaboration. Teachers can show their screen, broadcast video presentations to students, keep the class on-task through real-time thumbnail monitoring, supervise and limit Internet activities, and much more.

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