Classroom Management and Monitoring Software for Android Tablets

The world’s most popular classroom management software

Radix Smart Class is a great classroom management software which facilitates the teacher to enhance the learning environment in the classroom. Radix enables the tutor to monitor and control the students’ activity, and hence helps reduce distractions that may take the student off course.
Overview of the Tablet Classroom Management Software

The teacher can limit, stop or open access to web pages for the students with a single click. It is equally easy for the teacher to share any form of media with the class as an integrated teaching tool. The teacher may also blank student device screens, so as to get extra attention or remotely control the devices.

With the use of Radix classroom management software, the teacher has full administrative control over the students’ devices. In addition to scrutinizing student activity while in school, the teacher can monitor their actions even when they are outside school premises. The active control software works for groups of students who use any computing equipment coupled with the cloud platform, be it a tablet, laptop, PC, or a Smartphone.

Radix Smartclass is a great classroom management option even for organizations which follow a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) system. This is useful as nowadays, everyone has different technological resources, and the students need not be dependent on the quantity of computers and equipment provided by the school. Using Radix in a classroom allows the teacher to move around the classroom freely and conduct interactive activities with the help of a tablet.

Classroom Management Software with a tablet

The system allows teachers to move freely and conduct interactive classroom activities using a tablet. Impressive functionality includes demos, viewing remote students’ screens, as well as taking  control of their screen, keyboard and mouse.

Features of Classroom Management Software

Support Mixed-Classroom operating environment:

Mixed Devices Classroom Management software

Radix Smartclass runs on multiple operating systems. This gives an advantage to access and control class remotely.
• Teacher Android – Students Android.
• Teacher Android – Students Windows.
• Teacher Windows – Students Android.
• Teacher Windows – Students Windows.
• Teacher Windows/Android – Students Windows and Android in the same class-room.

Classroom Management Software selector:

classroom Selector


Teacher can give a specific name to the class and according to that students can join classes for their liking. Once a student has joined a class room, his/her identification stays stored and they don’t need to login again.

• Named teacher for classroom identification.
• Named student for classroom connection and for teacher’s comfort and identification.
• Student can select relevant classroom from list.
• Auto connection.


Student thumbnails-Classroom Management Software:

Another advantage of Radix Smartclass Classroom Management Software, it shows thumbnails as well as full screen of a student to the teacher. Hence teacher can constantly monitor the student’s activities.

• Display active thumbnails of student’s screen.
• Thumbnail refresh reflects.
• Display Student’s name under thumbnails.
• Teacher can rename the student’s names.

Save classroom attendance list: 

The special student registration feature helps student to maintain attendance of the class.
It also minimizes the chances of proxy attendances.

• Export the list of students from the class.

Screen Broadcast-Classroom Management Software::

 Screen broadcast


One of the best feature of Radix Smartclass Classroom Management Software, it offers teacher to broadcast their screen to all the students.

• Broadcast the teacher’s tablet screen to the entire classroom.
• Broadcast the teacher’s tablet screen to selected students.
• Student can’t cancel the screen broadcast.

Lock student’s tablet for attention:

Lock student screens

Radix smartclass Classroom Management Software allows teachers to lock student screens so that the student can pay attention in the class.
Even if the student reboots the system the screen stays locked.

• Lock the screen of the tablet for student’s attention.
• Student can’t cancel the screen lock.

Video Broadcast--Classroom Management Software:

video broadcast

With Radix smartclass teacher can broadcast videos of any quality, any resolution without any difference of appearance on the student screen.

• Broadcast video file stream directly from teacher’s tablet to the entire class.
• Broadcast video file stream directly from teacher’s tablet to selected students.
• Teacher can continue using the tablet during video broadcast.


Remote Control-Classroom Management Software:

remote control

Teacher can control students tablet from their own tablet. No matter what student cannot stop the teacher by doing so.

• Remote control student’s tablet.
• Use the tablet alongside the student.
• No student confirmation is required.

Student demonstration-Classroom Management Software:

During sessions a teacher can choose to broadcast a particular student’s screen, who is working correctly.

• Teacher can select a student screen to be demonstrated.
• Student screen broadcasts live to the class.
• Student screen can be broadcast to a selected group of students or the entire class.

Slide show browsing:

• Teacher can select students or the entire class and run a slide show of the screens.
• The slide show speed can be set to different time intervals.

Interactive Collaborative White board:

With this function teacher and student can start using their screen as white board, and they can write and/or draw anything they want to help the student to understand better.

• Teacher can start a white board function.
• White board can be broadcast to selected students or the entire class.
• Students can contribute their own writing to the white board.
• Set different color to every student.
• White board can be set transparent to annotate on other applications.
• Background of the white board can be set to a screen shot or a selected image.
• Student can open a white board of his own.

Hand Raise:

While a session is going on, if the students have any doubts they can raise their hand electronically. This will show a notification o\to the teacher that the respective student has some doubt. It helps in maintaining the continuity of the class and teacher can come to the students doubt when they choose to.

• Student can electronically raise his hand for teacher attention.
• Student can cancel hand raise.
• Teacher on screen annotation for hand raised on the relevant thumbnail student.
• Teacher can clear all hand raise annotations.


This feature is multi use feature. Either teacher or students can initiate chat sessions. Infect a student group can also start a chat session on their own and do their respective work without disturbing any other students.

• Chat message with a student or a group of students.
• Teacher initiated chat session.
• Student initiated chat session.
• Student initiated private chat to ask question.
• Teacher can open a discussion chat room and grant access to the entire class.

Popup message:

Teacher can generate pop up messages on students screen whenever they want to.

• Teacher can broadcast custom pop-up messages to student’s tablets.
• Message will appear on the screen no matter what application is running.

Pop Quiz:

While the session is going on teacher can prepare a quick quiz for students to review their knowledge.
It gives instant results that the teacher can save and also show students their performance in the quiz.

• Create pop quiz with 4 optional responses.
• Pre-create quiz questions and load quiz upon request.
• Collect all information from students.
• Save pop quiz for later use.
• Display quiz results with statistics.
• Save results.

File collection:

Teacher can collect files from student’s devices to keep track of their work.

• Collect files or folders from student’s tablets.

File Distribution:

Teacher can distribute files like doc files or power point presentations to students.
• Distribute files to student’s tablets.

Teacher can select web-pages and videos to be displayed on student’s devices.

• Force selected web page to open on students tablets.
• Force YouTube video to open on students tablets.

System requirements
For PCs and Laptops- Windows XP and above, at least 512MB RAM, intel P4 or above CPU and 1Gb free disk space.
For Android tablets- At least 1GB Ram, ARM Cortex A9 dual core CPU or above, 8GB internal memory, Root access required for some functions.
For smartphones- For android- Atleast 25MB RAM, Snapdragon or tegra2 processor, 1GB free memory, “root access required”. For windows Smartphones- At least 1GZ Dual core processor, 256MB Ram, 1GB free memory, “root access required”