Choose Next Generation of Classroom Management Software for Android

Are you looking for the best Tablet Smart Classroom Software that can help you keep your classroom organized and yet ensure that students are interested in the class? Are you looking for a way to hold the attention  your class with great ease?

Gone are the days, when teachers used to throw all the ideas on a board and go on and on about how students need to use this and that. In today’s times, technology has gone a long way and so the ideal thing to do is to embrace the changing winds of technology and adapt to it.

The existing smartclass technologies are almost 10 years old and there is very less opportunity  in improving the existing smartclass software solutions. After the inception Smartphones and tablets in 2009, these devices have  revolutionized the way of information mining and entertainment by shrinking the existing PC in a handheld device.

Using electronic devices like PC, Tablet, Laptops etc does give teachers and students a new and exciting way to learn and adapt to new things, but controlling the class, imparting the education through these devices is still a big task.

Tablet classroom management software (Android and Windows)

Radix‘ streamlines computer and Classroom Tablet Management Software for Schools or Students, facilitating effective teacher monitoring and control  student activities. The Radix smart classroom management solution range transforms computers, laptops and tablets into interactive and exclusively featured student-centric learning environments.

We invite you to download Radix SmartClass classroom management software for android,window (or mixed device) classroom and give it a try.



Lock Screen

Teacher can lock the student tablet or PC screen during class to get maximum attention of the students.
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Screen broadcast

Teacher can broadcast his screen to student’s devices for effective teaching. Teacher can take reference from anywhere from he internet and share it with students.
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Remote control

Teacher can take the remote control of the student’s device and make changes or demonstration of complex maneuvers.
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Interactive white board

Teacher can start a whiteboard application within Radix Smartclass software to get the inputs from students without wasting any time.
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Pop quiz

Teacher can start a pop quiz instantly after a class to test the knowledge of students. The results gets submitted automatically and can be exported as an excel file.
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Video broadcast

Teacher can broadcast educational videos to students tablets without saving the content at student’s Tablets. This feature allows teacher to make sure every student is watching the same video.
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